CSI comes to The Franklin Institute

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CSI: The Experience is now at The Franklin Institute until January 2!

By Nichole Baldino

CSI: The Experience is a traveling exhibit narrated by characters of the hit TV series using interactive and hands-on exhibits to bring to life the scientific fundamentals and principles used in solving crimes. Children and adults alike can learn about the advanced technology and techniques used in situations on the show while using real equipment and viewing multi-media presentations and life-like exhibits.

“You will sample the following science fields and understand their role in cracking crimes: DNA identification, Toxicology, Forensic anthropology, Forensic entomology, Forensic pathology, Forensic art, Firearm and tool mark identification, Information technology, Latent prints, Blood splatter analysis.”

Use your new forensic skills acquired throughout the exhibit to solve the crime mysteries and answer the who, what, where, when, why and how.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum, located at 222 North 20th Street, online, or via phone (1-877-TFI-TIXS).

Day time tickets include museum admission, 9:30am – 5:00pm and are $25.50 and $18.50 for adults and children, respectively. Evening tickets are sold for Friday and Saturday only, 5:00pm – 8:30pm, and do not include museum admission. These tickets can be purchased by adults for $10.00 and children for $6.00. As always, members get the experience for free!

The Franklin Institute is a hands-on science museum dedicated to keeping the mission of Benjamin Franklin alive. He was committed to educating the community about the sciences and the museum strives to continue this. Come in and take part in this educational experience!


How ’bout a nice game of pickleball?

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The “fastest grow sport in the nation” hits the Philadelphia area!

By Nichole Baldino

All websites describe this sport as a mini-tennis game that combines techniques and ideas from tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. It’s played with wood and graphite paddles and unique plastic balls that are similar to a wiffle ball. Pickleball is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. It’s named after the cocker spaniel of one of the co-inventors of the game who used to run after loose balls and hide them in the bushes, according to the official USA Pickleball website.

Pickleball, believe it or not, has a strict set of rules; the abbreviated version is five paragraphs long. It begins by stating that “the serve must be hit underhand and each team must play their first shot off the bounce. After the ball has bounced once on each side, then both teams can either volley the ball in the air or play it off the bounce. This is called the ‘double bounce rule’.” No volleying, or hitting the ball before it bounces, is permitted within 7 feet on both sides of the net. This area is also sometimes referred to as the kitchen.

Players can only win points while serving. The game goes to 11 points and a team must win by 2 points, however in some situations the directors can choose to make it 1 point to speed up play.Traditionally Pickleball is played 2 players on each team, however there can be single player games. In this instance, players must serve with their right hand when their score is even and left hand when it’s odd.

Philadelphia is hosting some Pickleball meet-ups at various locations. Currently, you can play outdoors at Pleasant Playground (6757 Chew Avenue) and indoors at Emlen Elementary School (6501 Chew Avenue) on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm – 9:30 pm and Saturday morning 9:30am – 12:0pm. There are a few other locations and future locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs listed online.

Play ball!

Escape the Rain and take your Kids to the Garden State Discovery Museum!

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By Laura Robb

With this month of August now becoming “the rainiest month” many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids occupied, and out of the house.

Located in Cherry Hill New Jersey, The Garden State Discovery Museum, is a sanctuary for children of all ages. Whether you have a crawling baby or an eight year old, every child will find something to play with.

This is not your average museum. Here, children are expected to touch and play with everything that is in front of them. At the Garden State Discovery Museum, each exhibit is set up to allow kids to use their imagination and pretend to be whomever they choose.

Enter the Silver Diner, a life-size diner where kids can serve the parents for a change! They can pretend to cook and serve their “guests” in whichever fashion they like. Kids can challenge their own creativity by creating dishes that can be as traditional or untraditional as they want. Never worry about the clean up, all the food is plastic!

After your “meal” head on down to the news station, the Action News Desk to be exact. Here your child can be a reporter, a camera man, or predict the weather. Answer phones, and update the world about what is going on. The camera is actually real, and will broadcast your children across the museum.

Next you can work out and be the professional athlete in you. Go “Get Fit” in this exhibit fully equipped with golfing, basketball, and even The Flyers mini rink! This promotes healthy lifestyles for children and parents.

If adventure is what you want, go see the turtles and reptiles! Here in this exhibit there are ten different turtles, along with Chinese Water Dragons, Australian Bearded Dragons, millipedes, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, snakes, and Tarantulas.

All this fun  is perfect for yet another rainy day, or even a sunny one. Fees for entry are only 10.95 a person, 12 months and up.

The hours are 9:30- 5:30 with plenty of free parking available.

The address is 2040 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill NJ, 08003. For more information please call 856-424-1233.

Free Concerts at The Piazza at Schmidts

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The Piazza at Schmidts

1050 North Hancock Street

Philadelphia, PA


Philly Weekly’s free summer concert series continues this  Wednesday, August 17th at the Piazza at Schmidts, which will feature three reggae and jam bands. The Piazza kick-off event will be held at 6 pm, featuring Nicos Gun, Cheers Elephant , and Hezekiah Jones.  One of the only free events in the region offering live music from well-known local and national bands, PW continues its 20 year long history of concerts in Philly. The event is free and open to all ages.


Read more about the event’s featured artists:


Nicos Gun

Nicos Gun’s sound renders a punk-rock Michael Jackson vibe. The group’s experimental technique, which takes from disparate music genres, results in mad beats that bear resemblance to artists from the Velvet Underground to Lil B.


Cheers Elephant

Cheers Elephant is a band whose rootsy and  energetic sound dominates the tendency to ‘overproduce,’ which can often identify the music industry. Cheers Elephant embraces a raw, playful sound, but remains solid and pleases the ear. According to local reporter Katie Feeny, “if you like Philadelphia and breathing, you’ll like Cheers Elephant.”


Hezekiah Jones

Hezekiah Jones is a folk-inspired band whose members include a collection of Philadelphia artists. Centered around acclaimed songwriter Raphael Cutrufello, the band offers a full sound and resonating harmonies.

Calling all kids 10 and younger!

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…For a Beach Luau with your caregivers at Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse in Fairmount Park!

By Nichole Baldino

Smith is the kids play place in the park. It’s located at North 33rd and Oxford Streets in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park and open to the public for free year round except Mondays and holidays. It was developed in the late 1800’s as part of the American Playground Movement, when reformers, social workers and child psychologists grew concerned with the health of urban children and believed that supervised play helped stimulate a child’s mental well-being. Smith first opened in 1899 as a place where urban children can play and interact with each other safely.

Today, Smith exists for the same reasons – with modern and safe playground equipment and an infamous playhouse and giant slide! Smith also hosts regularly scheduled and special events. On August 13th from 10 am -12:30 pm, your 10 and younger friend and you can enjoy Smith’s playground facilities while participating in a beach party luau! It’s a free event with limbo and games, sand-art, bubbles, hula dancing, Hawaiian lei making, and more!

What a great way to get your kids out of the house on what is hopefully going to be a cool summer morning. Stay the whole day and enjoy Smith’s awesome playground equipment.. this is not your (or mine, and I’m only 20) playground anymore. Come see for yourself why Smith is the best kids playground in Philadelphia! Grown-ups will enjoy as well – guaranteed!


Free Gatherings for Art in Delaware County

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For those in the Philadelphia area who crave a creative outlet, regardless of experience, The Blank Canvas Art group offers gatherings for art once every month. On a predetermined Saturday, The Blank Canvas runs from 5-7 pm. Held at the Peace Center of Delaware County, each creativity circle promotes an environment of acceptance and creative adventure. Past gatherings have included collaging, watercolors, writing, and visual journaling. Though its artistic focus changes monthly, The Blank Canvas stresses that it does not simply talk about what it has done in the past, but rather does visual arts and writing.

On Saturday, August 13th, the Creativity Circle will embrace everyone’s inner child with its event “Coloring Inside and Outside the Lines.” The event promotes writing, drawing, and scribbling – but only with crayons. It may also be noted that the group will use the highly coveted 101 Crayon box that your mom never let you have. The event is free and open to all.

Any questions should be redirected to Laurie Pollack, who can be reached at webpoet1@aol.com or 610.259.5761.

For directions, visit http://www.delcopeacecenter.org/directions.html. To see what The Blank Canvas has done in months past, click here.

Come Enjoy the World as it Once Was, at the Williamstown Farmer Market!

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 By Laura Robb


Don’t have the time to travel to Lancaster County this summer? Like many of our Philadelphia locals, time and money has restricted us from taking our families on as many excursions as we would like.

If you want to see how the world once was, try to travel down the Atlantic City Expressway to Williamstown, home to the Stoltzfus Farmers Market, located on the Black horse pike.

Nicknamed the Amish Market, due to the large amount of Amish that work the stands, you have the privilege to try some of the freshest foods you can get. First stop must be for the pretzels, where several young women make hundreds of different pretzels each hour, and where the line can stretch halfway down the market.

In the center of the market, is the candy shop, where nearly every candy you know of, and some you never have, are sold at a discounted price, and always served with a smile.

The market has tons of fresh meats butchered on premise. For the health conscious people, this is the place to buy your meats! The meats are free range, and have no hormones, and it is so fresh, there is simply no better tasting foods out there.

The butcher offers fresh cuts of steaks, ground beef, ribs, bacon and more and all at a competitive price. This is a go to place if you happen to be planning any barbeques in the near future.

If you do not really want to cook, there is a prepared foods section, ranging from a large variety of salads to pot roast, baby back ribs, and Mac-and-cheese. You can purchase already cooked foods and just take it home and reheat it.

The bakery, along with everything else is simply delightful. Fresh brownies pies and danishes will bring out the sweet tooth in any one.

Go past the market, and you will find tons of shops, not ran by Amish folk, ranging from and incredible irish wares store, to wicker furniture, to a puppy shop. You can purchase books clothing or even get a massage!

This market is only open Thursday 9 -5 friday 9-8 and Saturdays 8-4, so get there early to get the full experience of this exquisite market!

For directions and more information, please go to www.williamstownfarmersmarket.com