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Haven for Those in Need

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In only a few short years the Haven Youth Center has become a beacon for youth in need.

By: Antonio Boone

In a city where so many people are afflicted by the pains of the world the Haven Youth Center serves as an ailment to the citizens of Philadelphia. The mission of the Haven Youth Center “is to provide educational, social, and recreational services to HIV youth to support healthy, age-appropriate development and transition into adulthood.”

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is not a foreign issues and has impacted the lives of many of Philadelphia’s youth. The founder of the Haven Youth Center, William Brawner knows the impact a positive status can have on young lives because he ┬áhas lived with HIV for his entire life.

Inspiring those around him with messages of hope, Brawner states on the Haven Youth Center website that “my goal is to provide others with the knowledge and skills necessary to stop AIDS!” The program goals of Haven include Acceptance, Preservation, Integration, and Service.

The center promotes sexual awareness for everyone of all ages. In addition to the awareness programs Haven’s programs include:life skills training, community service activities and a numer of recreational activities for those youth who participate in the centers programs.Haven is a beacon of hope for youth in Philadelphia that are in need of assistance to fight and conquer an beatable disease!