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A Mosaic Masterpiece on Philadelphia’s South Street

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In the deluge of urban shops that make up South Street is Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a folk art environment, gallery space, and nonprofit organization that showcases the work of mosaicist Isaiah Zagar. From outside the gates of this public installation, you can see partially into a carefully constructed mosaic labyrinth. Yet, the outsider’s view of this glass garden – which stretches down a half of a city block – does not speak to the magnitude of Zagar’s intricate mosaic sculpture. Every inch of both the indoor gallery and outdoor mosaic sculpture is covered, with bicycle wheels, glass bottles, different sized mirrors, Zagar’s hand-made tiles, and sculptures hailing from Latin America and Asia.

$5 gets you admission into the garden, where visitors can walk through at their leisure.  A now permanent art institution, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens originated in a vacant lot near Zagar’s studio in 1994. Though the previously vacant lot’s owner attempted to sell the land in 2002, the community backed Zagar’s art, which helped to incorporate it as a nonprofit organization. With Zagar’s artwork permanently preserved, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens makes art more accessible to the South Street community, prompting “civic engagement, community beautification, and artistic collaboration.”

PMG’s artistic collaboration extends to its public programs, which include film screenings, artists-in-residencies, concerts, and gallery openings. Every other Sunday, the Garden is home to a variety of themed, hands-on workshops for families. From noon until 4 pm, “Family Jams” can include book arts projects, poetry workshops, paper mosaics, and tile pin-making. Workshops and activities are free with admission.

If you head down to South Street this Saturday, PMG is hosting ART/GAGE: Celebrate Philly Creativity, the Garden’s fourth annual summer festival. With over 30 art and food vendors, and performances and demonstrations from local organizations, the festival is expected to double in attendance from last year. For ticket prices, visit


Where to Go for Philly Falafel

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Maoz Vegetarian
248 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Tel: 215-625-3500

According to Maoz Vegetarian, “when it comes to falafel, we are world experts.” A popular fast service restaurant on South Street, Maoz caters to customers who seek high quality ingredients and nutritious vegetarian eating. As vegetarianism becomes an increasingly more accepted and accommodated lifestyle, the restaurant contributes to what Maoz calls an international “vegolution.” Though a growing franchise, Maoz takes on the originality of its neighboring South Street shops and creates an atmosphere that complements a vegetarian lifestyle.

Amsterdam was home to the first Maoz restaurant in 1991. Since then, Maoz has become an internationally recognized falafel brand, with shops in Paris, London, The Netherlands, Spain, and select cities in the U.S. The Maoz on South Street is one of two Philly shops, with the other located on Walnut Street. Though the falafel shop is small – with one table of three and a counter that overlooks South Street – its veggie-friendly food draws in crowds that can affirm vegetarianism’s growing influence on city life.

Oftentimes, vegetarians do not have the luxury of choice when opting to eat out – especially in on-the-go situations. Existing within a sphere of already prominent, and commonly unhealthy, fast service restaurants, Maoz negates the unfavorable qualities such eateries sometimes connote. The Philly falafel shop features fifteen signature salads and sauces made with fresh ingredients from local farmers and purveyors. For a full list of fresh ingredients that Maoz uses, visit

For anyone who hasn’t experienced Maoz, the eggplant and hummus Maoz sandwich is a classic. The falafel balls are fresh, and the eggplant and hummus go great with Maoz’ signature salads. If you head to Maoz on a Monday, you can print out this coupon to get 10% off a Salad Meal Deal (or you can mention the words “Meatless Monday” when placing an order).

Keller Williams Live at Theater of Living Arts

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Musician Keller Williams brings his unique blend of music to Philadelphia and helps out the city in the process.

By Mike Revak

Keller Williams performs. Courtesy of

Musician Keller Williams will be performing live at the Theater of Living Arts tonight at 9pm, with an early matinee performance at 3pm. Performing music off his latest album, Kids, Williams will also welcome Ken Crampton of Everybody Drum on-stage for a drum circle.

Williams, who is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, began playing in the early 90’s and works to combine multiple instruments and styles into each of his performances. Williams will also frequently record and loop sections over the course of his performances, earning him a reputation as a “one-man jam band.”

In addition to primarily touring solo, Williams also works on various side projects with other musicians. One of the most recent collaborations has been with close friends Larry and Jenny Keel, with whom Williams produced two albums as “Keller and the Keels.” Taking previously recorded songs by artists such as Amy Winehouse and Kris Kristofferson, the albums “Thief” and “Grass” took these popular hits and put a classic Williams spin of Bluegrass, folk and reggae onto them.

As an added promotion, Williams will also be partnering up with Philadelphia’s Spruce Foundation for a donation drive that will precede the main performance. In honor of his latest album, Williams is helping to sponsor a similar drive in each city in which he’s performing the songs of the album. For tonight’s show, Williams asks for donations of new or gently used children’s clothes, toys and school supplies.

The Theater of Living Arts is located at 334 South St., tickets may be purchased through or

Lauryn Hill is Back

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Ms. Lauryn Hill returns to Philly and more importantly to the stage.

By: Antonio Boone

This Tuesday, February 8, 2011  Lauryn Hill will grace Philadelphia wit her presence at the South St. venue Theater of Living Arts(TLA). Philadelphia is one of many tour dates that has given the grammy award winning singer-songwriter a chance to share her music with fans.

Nearly 13 years ago Hill released her debut album, the critically acclaimed “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” The album earned Hill 5 grammy awards, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year. After a brief hiatus from the public eye Hill has returned and its as if she never left.

This past summer Hill performed with a slew of artists during the annual Rock the Bells tour and invited a few famous friends on stage with her during her New York City Governors Island performance which sparked her current tour. According to Hill has five more concerts slated from now until early May , one of which includes a performance at the renowned Coachella Festival in Indo, California.

Hill’s NYC Governors Island Performance

Infinite Body Piercing, Inc.

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Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. has been giving Philadelphia quality piercings for the past 16 years.

By: Katelynn Hartman

Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. prides themselves on being the city’s only shop dedicated entirely to piercing. For the employees, piercing is not just a job, it is a passion. They are the only shop in the area that is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. They hold themselves to the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism. They try to stay in front of the industry developments by offering their clients the best technology and services. The shop is constantly learning new tips for piercing and healing. They want to provide their customers with healthy, safe, beautiful body jewelry.

Infinite is on the cusp of new technology but they maintain respect for the traditions of piercing. They remember that the art of body piercing was born out of rituals and ancient customs, and they try to respect the individual piercing experiences of each customer. The shop is an open, welcoming environment. As they say on their website, “We seek to serve our extended community of queer folks, fetishists, womanists, ritualists, freaks, and other body modification enthusiasts, and welcome all respectful friends in our space.”

Infinite strives to provide quality piercings. Their prices are reasonable and there is a wide jewelry selection. This is not your average piercing stand in the mall. The piercer walks you through every step of the process. The staff is very knowledgeable. They can help you pick the right jewelry and select the perfect location for your piercing. They say that the most important part of a piercing is the aftercare. Your piercer explains the level of care you should give your piercing in order to keep it clean and attractive.

This shop is as good as it gets. The staff at Infinite is dedicated to what they do, and that is noticeable in every aspect of their shop. You will surely be happy with your new piercing from Infinite Body Piercing, Inc.

626 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

What’s going on in Philly!

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Hey everyone! Here’s what’s going on for this weekend (8/27 – 8/29)! For some of you, this is the last weekend before school starts – bummer, I know. But all the more reason to make this weekend the best and check out some of these awesome events! Again, if you know of an event going on or know of something awesome that you just want to get publicized, here is your chance! Leave a comment or email me at

By: Meg Gabel


Renior Exhibit

One of my favorite artists, check out Renior at the Philadelphia Museum of Art now through 9/6. You will also be able to see works by those he was influenced by… Picasso anyone? Check out for museum and exhibition information.

Celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day!

This is FREE! Hosted by the South Street Headhouse District, spend this weekend celebrating Dia da Indepencia! There will be themed activities, food, music, samba dancing and performances! Visit for more information about different events for each night.

Friday Night Lights Fireworks

Another free event. Get home from work, grab a friend, go out to dinner and watch the fireworks over the river at Penn’s Landing. It starts at 9:15. If you just can’t make it today, it will also be on next week – same time and place. For more information and directions go to

Phillies! Vs Padres

Kick back and watch our favorite team @ 10:05pm on CSN


 Sounds of Gospel

Located at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, relax and listen to chorale styles from traditional to contemporary gospel. This starts from 3pm – 9pm and is hosted by WDAS FM, CBS 3 and The CW PHILLY 57. For more information –

 Who Was Cleopatra

This is a must see exhibition that goes underwater to see the world of Cleopatra. This will be going on until January 2 at the Franklin Institute, but why not be one of the first to check it out? For more information, go to

Phillies! Vs Padres

Support our team @ 4:10pm on FOX


Market at The Piazza

With 200 vendors, go to The Piazza at Schmidts for all locally produced, grown and owned goods. From 12pm-7pm every Saturday and Sunday, so there’s no excuse!See for more information or if you wish to apply to be a vendor.

Phillies! Vs Padres

Get some friends together and watch the game today @ 4:05 on myphl17


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By Erica DePascale


As I walked into Ishkabibble’s, a small, crowded sandwich shop on South Street, I couldn’t get over the horde of customers swarming the front counter. I made my way to the back, astonished at the wall full of celeb pictures, signed with love to Ishkabibble’s and their amazingly tasty cheesesteaks. Still getting over the quirkiness (and pronunciation) of the name, I was led to the front counter to place my order. One buffalo chicken cheesteak, with provolone cheese, mushrooms and onions, complete with a gremlin. That’s right a gremlin. No, not a small monster to sit next to me and chow down on my food too (I have a boyfriend for that), but one of Ishkabibble’s famously customized drinks. Don’t let the color fool you; this purple grape juice mixed with lemonade adds a bittersweet touch to the hot off the grill steaks.


The workers there are probably the nicest on South Street, with a refreshing love for their job, patience and a kind smile. Take a seat at the bar counter (there aren’t many), to watch the men finely cook your meal and fresh fries. Ishkabibble’s steaks are different than what you might find at Jim’s or Geno’s. They use chunked squares of meat (instead of shreds or slices), which make for a more messy grub. Be ready to spend around $10-$12 for a sandwich, fries and drink for this tasty treat.





Ishakibble’s is located on 337 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147. (215) 923-4337