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Paranormal Investigation at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Posted in Arts and Entertainment, Local Treasures with tags , , , on July 27, 2010 by danielferrarelloprh

On Saturday the 24th the Philadelphia public was given the chance to visit  Laurel Hill Cemetery under the guidance of Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators, a local group of ghost hunters.

By Daniel Ferrarello

Tombstones at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Photo by: Kelly Leonard

The event started at sundown with a talk from FSPI on the different varieties of hauntings and the methods and technology paranormal investigators use to discover and document otherworldy presences.  Paranormal investigators use tools both familiar and unfamiliar: digital cameras to capture ghosts manifested in pictures as orbs or mists, digital sound recorders for inexplicable noises, as well as electro-magnetic field meters used to identify energy fluctuations caused by spirits.  We were presented with examples of EVP’s, or electronic voice phenomena captured with digital sound recorders by FSPI on their investigations.  During investigations, FSPI goes to spots that have been identified as spiritually “active,” and conducts interviews with spirits hoping that their recorders capture snippets of ghostly dialogue undetectable by the unassisted ear.

After learning about the tools and procedure involved in twenty-first century ghost hunting FSPI divided the visitors into groups for tours of the cemetery’s most spiritually active locations.  It was a real treat being in the cemetery, which normally closes its doors to visitors at 4:30, after dark.  Laurel Hill, in addition to being spooky, is beautiful, featuring grand monuments to Civil War General George Meade, recently deceased Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, and hundreds of Philadelphians in between.  Millionaires’ row, a grandiose collection of personal mausoleums for the city’s wealthiest individuals is particularly impressive.  While my group did not see any apparitions, we were able to conduct a number of interviews with the dead, and I am crossing my fingers that our digital recorders captured a few ghostly responses.  The event was a fun experience that showcased the paranormal as well as the cemetery itself, which remains a treasure to the city and the nation alike.  Keep your eye on Laurel Hill’s website for news on upcoming events, and remember, its always free to visit during their regular hours.