JUMP into Philly Music!

Local music is he heartbeat of Philadelphia’s vibrant culture. Philly music lovers capture the sound of their city within the pages of JUMP: The Philly Music Project.

By: Antonio Boone

The culture of Philadelphia is evident on the surface. Murals are born on tired slabs on concrete and breathe new life into old neighborhoods. Theaters take up residence in hidden alley ways and main streets while local music of any and every genre flows through the eardrums and of every Philadelphia inhabitant. To capture the essence of Philadelphia’s local music in a few dozen pages seems like an impossible task but local writer, photographer and Temple journalism professor George Miller has seemingly captured lighting in a bottle.

The first issue of Jump dropped in early March filling newsstands on college campuses, record stores and restaurants with its unique coverage of music that has never been seen in Philadelphia. “It was unbelievable- the amount of talent that we have here (or that comes through Philly), and the appreciation that we have for that talent. That’s why this mag exists. We love our music” says Miller in the opening feature for Jump. Jump has taken over the city and can be found at a variety of locations throughout Philadelphia. This Coming Monday, March 28th will also mark the official launch party for Jump. Check out the website for more details!


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