Pimp My Tee

Courtesy Pimp My Tee Facebook

By: Erica DePascale

Customized panties, t-shirts, hats and shorts are not just the only thing Pimp My Tee, a independently owned boutique on South Street, offers to customers. Great customer service, quick turnarounds, and handcrafted art just describe the beginning of the successful shop. From graphic screen-prints to handpicked gems, Pimp My Tee allows you to choose an item of clothing to customize. Whether you want a popular print (like Marylin Monroe or Tweety Bird) or your own idea, they can work to your needs. Their high-tech photo programs and laser printer allows the staff to work with you to create a computerized image, which can be printed on fabric paper and iron-pressed onto a shirt.

Courtesy Pimp My Tee Facebook

The store, which is located on Fourth and South Streets, stresses the idea of making your vision a reality and having your t-shirt express who you are. Any type of clothing can be customized, including clothing you wear into the store. Prices can range approximately from $20 to $50 depending on the item and prints you choose. Group rates, specials and more are available by request.

Courtesy Pimp My Tee Facebook

Pimp My Tee is located on 428 South St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 519-9461


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  1. Please contact me concerning a few t-shirt orders I sent you at your email address!

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